The things I have learnt about an office environment

The things I have learnt about an office environment

The things I have learnt about an office environment

When you first enter an office environment you get a sense of both fear and excitement. Fear because you are entering an unknown world of corporate structures and bureaucracy. Excitement because you are taking the first real step in your career and you are itching to find out where it will take you.

Both of these feelings are justified, of course. However, the office environment is not always what young aspiring professionals believe it to be. The TV series and films such as ‘Suits’ show the high-flying lifestyles of young professionals. They seem to dash across the city in their expensive suits and freshly ground coffee in hand. This, unfortunately, is not necessarily what lies in store for a recent graduate or school leaver.


As a fresh-faced new start in a big corporate organisation, you will be dying to get your teeth into the practical experience you so desired while studying the theory at school or university. Of course, you will get experience in this however, that is not all you will be doing. As the most junior member of staff you will have to do your fair share of admin. This is the something that I didn’t necessarily expect as I entered my new job as a trainee accountant.

You should not forget however, is the skills you pick up from administration work. Writing an email correctly, how to spell and attention to the presentation of your work are things that often get forgotten, especially in today’s society.

You are back at the bottom

Having just graduated or left school and being the oldest and most experienced in the environment you were in you will now find you are back at the bottom of the corporate ladder. You are now the least experienced, the most junior and probably the youngest within the office environment. This results not only in you being dependant on everyone else but can also leave you feeling as though you are the least significant. While managers are going into meeting with clients you will be stuck at your desk. While someone qualified answers someone else’s question you will feel redundant as you didn’t know the answer. This can feel really though especially if you have come from university. The likely hood is that you will have spent three or four-year studying the theory, but when it comes to the practical application, you won’t know where to start.

Don’t worry though

Not everything is doom and gloom though. I can guarantee you will learn something new everyday. You will also learn more in a small amount of time as you will be gaining practical experience within an office environment.  Whether you are leaning technical skills or soft skills. Everything new puts you one step further in the direction of young professional you want to be.

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