4 Celebrities that were Accountants

4 Celebrities that were Accountants

4 Celebrities that were Accountants

Many assume that accountants are boring, middle aged men, in grey suits. This, to be honest, can be the case. However, there are also many exceptions to the rule. Here is a list of people who are quite the opposite from boring. I think it would be hard to find a greater mix of people, in a list of 4 celebrities, anywhere else.

1) Mick Jagger

Yes, this Rolling Stones icon was training as an accountant at London School of Economics while living in a flat with Keith Richards. Mick Jagger ended up dropping out of LSE however, in order to focus on his music career. Jagger is a perfect example of celebrity with brains as well as an incredible talent (unlike many we see today).

2)  Eddie Izzard

Another incredibly well know British celebrity that studied Accounting and Finance at university was Eddie Izzard. Izzard studied at Sheffield for a year before failing his exams and getting kicked out. Although he failed his exams, there is no question Izzard’s intellect as he is one of the greatest and cleverest comedians to come out of Britain.

3) Robert Plant

Robert Plant of LED Zeppelin is another famous rock and roll star who began his career as an accountant. His father wanted him to have a ‘proper’ career and train as an accountant, but after reportedly two weeks he had had enough. Thank goodness he decided not to be an accountant because with voice bellowing through the corridors the partners would not be pleased.

4) Chuck Liddell

“The Ice Man” Chuck Liddell is known for his punching in the cage not his punching numbers into a calculator. At 6 ft 2 in, weighing just under 100KG and having a Mohawk he would look a bit out of place in your average accountancy firm. Despite this he studied Business and Accounting at university whilst getting in fights at the weekend with other students. It is safe to say Liddell probably wasn’t suited to life as an accountant anyway.

These guys have serious talent in each of their respective careers however, it cannot be forgotten that they were actually pretty bright. Today we think of celebrities being people who are ‘famous for being famous’ and I think it important to remember that many are actually very intelligent hard working people.

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